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JLI Survey

  • Please help us with our preparations by answering the following three questions.

    1. How
     Would you be interested in attending in-person classes or only online classes? 

    2. Timing 
    The classes are timed for 90 minutes. For online lessons would you prefer full lessons at 90 minutes, or having the lessons broken down into two 45 minute sessions.

    3. Time of Lessons
    Mornings or Evenings, and what day of the week is best for you.

  • For more on this course:

    Revisit six seemingly absurd stories you likely remember from Hebrew school. Uncover their hidden themes and eye-opening insights into the mysteries of life.

    Would you choose knowledge over paradise? Would you rather be objective and unengaged or passionate and invested? Why is temptation more compelling than reason? What’s the big idea behind Adam and Eve eating the fruit of knowledge and the resulting human struggle with self-consciousness?

    How do you see past another's failures? If a person you love lets you down, is the relationship over? How do you build a resilient connection that will survive any storm? The secret is buried in the theme of the Great Flood: why G‑d created a world only to destroy it, and how He guarantees there will never be a repeat.

    Will the real you please stand up? At some point, we're all conflicted: torn between a drive to do good and the temptation of lust, greed, and power. In this session, you'll meet your inner Jacob and Esauâ€"the recluse and the hunterâ€"and understand their lifelong conflict. Why does Isaac prefer the materialistic Esau? And why does the wholesome Jacob resort to deception to obtain his father's blessings?

    Your life and its goals: are they compatible? You may love what you do, or where it gets you, but seldom both. Uncover this tension in the strange relationships between Jacob and his wives and between Joseph and his brothers, and explore ways to navigate the delicate balance between personal growth and practical impact.

    Why is inspiration so short-lived? Infidelity under the wedding canopy is the story of our lives. Why do New Year’s resolutions barely last a day? We are so easily impressionable, yet our stimulation doesn’t linger. Discover a powerful hack for creating lasting impact from two sets of tablets and the worship of a golden calf.

    Does a higher station make You a better person? If all people were created equal, why do some occupy more elevated positions than others? You weren’t dealt the same hand as your neighbor; does this make you inferior to them? Explore Korach’s challenge to Moses’s leadership to gain insight on privilege and every person's unique contribution to society.

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