At Chabad Hebrew School, we are always looking for ways to engage students and make Jewish education exciting and meaningful. Each curriculum combines carefully chosen themes based on Torah, Mitzvot, Middot, history and culture.

In addition, Jewish holiday lessons are taught prior to every festival.

Using a six year rotational cycle, our students are taught each curriculum at developmentally appropriate levels. 

From Kindergarten through pre Bar and Bat Mitzvah, our students will learn:  

Mitzvot I Can Do explores the Mitzvot we can do with our hands, feet, mind, heart  and more- and all in an exciting and hands-on way! 

Bereishit - The Story of My Life is an invigorating curriculum which explores the vibrant history of the Jewish nation. Beginning with the story of Adam and Eve and through the birth of the Jewish people, students are taken on an immersive journey allowing them to use their creative minds and imagination.

Shemot - Adventure to the Holy Land will take us on an immersive and captivating adventure, retracing the remarkable journey of the Jewish People from Egypt to the Land of Israel. Through the utilization of an array of educational tools, including theater, crafts, STEM, and filmmaking, Adventure to the Holy Land promises to captivate the attention of each and every student.

Israel Quest explores the journey of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel, from the time the Jews entered the land led by prophets and kings, until the untimely destruction of the Holy Temples.   With Israel Quest, we will discover the secret to our eternal survival with tools that were established to keep Judaism thriving in the Diaspora. Israel Quest’s goal is to empower Jewish children to be proudly connected to Israel’s heritage, history, and future- Am Yisrael Chai!

Super Jew will introduce students to key Jewish concepts such as Mitzvot, and Middot through scenarios and clues leading us to discover the "superpowers" that are part of our Jewish life. Through interactive activities, games, music and movement and art, we will explore topics such as Torah, Creation, Jewish pride, Shabbat, Gratitude-Modeh Ani, and more.

Bringing it Home is a Mitzvot curriculum,  teaching how to bring Torah and Mitzvot through our front doors, into our living rooms, and, yes, even into our very own bedrooms!

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