Our unique Jewish studies curriculum combines six carefully chosen themes. This is in addition to all the Jewish Holidays, covered two lessons prior to every festival.

Level 1 - Mitzvot I Can Do

Exploring the Mitzvot that we do with our hands, feet, minds, hearts and more!

Level 2 Beginnings – Beraishit

Genesis- Stories of the 1st Book of the Torah.

“In the beginning, G‑d created the world” and filled it with people. But, oh, the journey was not so smooth. Meet the personalities of the 1st Book of the Torah, the Book of Genesis. Learn their stories and think about the choices we would make in their situation. The students will make a creative scrapbook to go along. Topics include: Creation; Noach and the Flood; our Patriarchs and Matriarchs; Joseph & the 12 Tribes.

Level 3 Torah Travels

Shemot-.Devarim Stories of 4 Books of the Torah

What happened in Egypt long ago and why is it relevant to us kids living in Boca today?

Learn the timeline and stories of the book of Shemot and the lifelong lessons from long ago.  Topics include: Slavery and Exodus from Egypt ; Mt Sinai- The Giving of the Torah; the Jews’ Travels in the Desert.

Level 4 Torah-pedia

Fundamental Mitzvot and Foundations of Jewish Faith.

Torah-pedia follows a spectrum of Mitzvot starting with the letter Aleph and ending with Tav.

Topics include: Gam Zu LeTova/Everything is for the best; Torah study; Jewish Birthdays; Kashrut/Kosher; Anava/humility; Shabbat; Blessings; Hashgacha Pratit/Divine Providence; Simcha/Joy.

Level 5 Jewish Heroes

Jewish History from Joshua to the Second Temple Era

Each biblical personality comes with a fantastic story and powerful lesson.

Heroes covered:Judges; Samson the Great;Deborah the prophetess;Kings Saul, David & Solomon; Elijah the prophet; Temple I; Babylonian Exile; Purim; Oral/written Law

Level 6 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Track

The Jewish Discovery Course teaches the students about themselves. It addresses basic questions of Jewish identity and Jewish life such as: Who Am I? What makes me Jewish? What is a soul? Why do I struggle with making the right choices? What does a Mitzvah accomplish? This track also includes membership in the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Clubs.

Bat Mitzvah Club

The Bat Mitzvah Club prepares girls for this momentous day in their lives. This fun club for girls follows the motto "Good Friends. Good Deeds. Good Times."

Once a month, girls ages 11-13, will meet for an interactive class and participate in engaging activities that promote friendship, life lessons, and tie-ins with Jewish culture. As part of the Bat Mitzvah club, we learn about Jewish women throughout history, the story of their lives, their personalities, and the lessons for every Bat Mitzvah girl today.

Our goal is to inspire a generation of Jewish girls to become confident, smart, thoughtful women who are instilled with knowledge, confidence, spiritual awareness, and understanding that there is more to their Bat Mitzvah than just the party.

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Bar Mitzvah Club

A Bar Mitzvah is more than just an event, it is a process. It is the process through which a young boy crosses the threshold into manhood.

A Bar Mitzvah is probably the most important milestone in a young Jewish boy’s life and the excitement of the standard preparations such as Torah reading lessons and party preparations are only part of the picture. 

To schedule your son's Bar Mitzvah lessons and date, please call the office at 561-994-6257.

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