Our students learn to read and write Hebrew, and build vocabulary related to the mitzvot and holidays. Reading Hebrew connects the child to a 3,000 year old language, used by our people over all that time, no matter where we found ourselves. It is a language that is part of our heritage and helps each generation connect to its past.

hebrew readingcropped.jpgGrades K-1

Our Kindergarten - Grade 2 classes are introduced to Hebrew Reading through games, crafts, songs and stories. Each letter and vowel takes on a fun "personality" which is used as a means to help the child remember the letter's shape and sound.  We use multiple strategies, thereby accommodating all types of learners.

Grades 2-7: ALEPH Champ

In this highly motivating learning environment, students are divided by skill which is represented by various color levels.  The Hebrew Reading room, designed with color coded zones, has a designated teacher at each level, with a Hebrew Reading teacher overseeing the program.

Aleph Champ

ALEPH Champ allows each individual chip to advance in reading at their own pace and become proficient Hebrew readers.  ALEPH Champ is based on the Karate motivational system and integrates color based levels for Hebrew reading.  Students are divided by level, beginning on the white level with a reader, workbook and a burning desire to pass to the next level.  When a student feels ready to move onto the next level, s/he simply arranges to be tested.  If passes successfully, the student then moves onto the next level. Age appropriate, creative and motivational methods are used.