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Our students learn to read Hebrew and build vocabulary related to the mitzvot and holidays. Reading Hebrew connects the child to a 3,000 year old language, used by our people over all that time, no matter where we found ourselves. It is a language that is part of our heritage and helps each generation connect to its past.

Kindergarten Letter Lab

Starting with Letter Lab, students are introduced to the Hebrew Alphabet through 32 worklets that sequentially and seamlessly integrate the many foundational components of Alef Bet learning. With memorable hooks, phonemic awareness, Hebrew vocabulary, handwriting and more, children will experience the pleasure of learning the Hebrew alphabet, not just as a means to Hebrew reading, but as an experience in itself. 


Grades 1-7 Aleph Champ with NikudQuest

Students are divided by reading level which is represented by various color levels.  The Hebrew Reading room, designed with color coded zones, has a designated teacher at each level. 

Every student is able to advance in reading at their own pace, and become proficient Hebrew readers.  ALEPH Champ is based on the Karate motivational system and integrates color based levels for Hebrew reading.  

With eight units corresponding to each vowel, the children begin to master reading syllables, words, phrases and super simple sentences. The Hebrew Scouts curriculum uses beautifully illustrated guidebooks, readers, games, and supplemental materials which all work hand-in-hand for a comprehensive learning experience, all in a fun, engaging way. Reading activities incorporate Jewish values and culture, and introduce students to Judaism’s classic texts.