Chabad of Boca Raton & Delray Beach Eruvim

Please contact the shul office each Friday afternoon for the status of the eruv.

Eruv Maps for Chabad Central, Chabad West and Delray Beach.

Please note (as long as both Eruvim are up, you can cross the turnpike going from one Eruv to the other at Clintmoore and at Yamato. YOU CANNOT CARRY from the East to West side of the turnpike at Glades. 

Also, Delray Medical Center is in the new expanded Delray Eruv. As long as they are up, one can walk from Boca to Boynton in and be in the eruv

Chabad Central Boca Eruv.jpg 

 Chabad West Boca Eruv map (1).jpg

 Delray Beach Eruv Map.jpg