Local residents:  If you are asymptomatic, have had no contact with a confirmed, tested case and everyone in household is healthy, the Mikvah can be used. All preparation must be completed before arrival and only immersion should take place from time of arrival until leaving with as minimal contact as possible with any surfaces. Social distancing should be observed with Mikvah attendant to the maximum degree possible.  Please bring your own towel and robe.

Visitors: Until further notice, only South Florida residents with above conditions confirmed
are allowed to use the Women's mikvah.

Mikvah attendant is given full discretion and authority to prohibit use of the Mikvah if
individual does not appear in full health etc.


You are more than welcome to visit and/or arrange a private tour.  The Mikvah is open by appointment only.  Please call 561-674-0877 three days in advance of your visit to make an appointment.


Mikvah Membership  $136/year

Mikvah Visit Rates:   $20 Members

                                  $36 Non members