Directors: Rabbi Yossi & Shainy Denburg

        email: [email protected]

        phone: 561-717-3773

Program Director: Schneur Zalman Vechter

Schneur spent the past 4 summers as Program Director in Camp L'man Achai (a famous sleepaway camp in NY for children from all Jewish backgrounds). He kept coming back because they kept asking him to come back! He was phenomenal!

He received his Rabbinic ordination at Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters at 770 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn NY and currently lives in Brooklyn NY with his wife Faigie.

Schneur works as a teacher in 1st grade in Oholei Torah (the central Chabad Elementary School in Brooklyn, NY).

Shneur is passionate about education and the power of youth, and has always workes with children and teens especially from other communities and background.

Hi wife Faigie is from Canadensis, PA.

She spent three summer working as program director at Camp Ohr Menachem in Cote St. Luc, Montreal and spent two years as a teen mentor at Chabad Girls high school in Chicago.

Faigie currently works at a coordinator for a network of Day-Cares in Brooklyn, NY. 

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